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Christina Danielsen works as an independent yoga teacher, based in Oslo, Norway. She offers both private tutoring, yoga for bigger groups, as well as company packages within different forms of yoga.

Her goal is to guide you inwards and in a safe way, simultaneously help you to expand outwards. She inspires you to challenge yourself in a playful way, and at the same time she makes sure that you use the tools of yoga to connect deeply to yourself, which again helps building self- confidence. Read more about Christina here.  


Christina can offer a range of different types of yoga:

Awareness Yoga
We playfully deepen our consciousness by using simple breathing techniques. Moving with your breath connects you to this powerful energy that arises from deep awareness and increased sensitivity and sensibility.

Spinal Awareness
This class is for people who want to maintain a strong and flexible spine and those with various types of back pain.

The purpose of spinal awareness is:

  • less pain

  • increased functionality

  • improving strength and spinal health

  • a faster recovery after injury

  • preventing injury

Soulfood Yoga
In this class, there will be time to realize how your daily life influences your yoga practice and we will talk about how practicing yoga influences your daily life. We share stories, ask questions, listen and see each other as whom we are. The result is a safe yoga practice with your personal signature.

All classes are open to everyone and taught in English and/or Norwegian. Prices vary, depending on how many people, how often etc., so feel free to reach out to Christina and set something up.


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