Connect - Understand - Create : Yoga retreat #4

My friend Jho once wrote “Connection is what we need, understanding is what we want, creation is what we do”, I have been quoting him everywhere I can ever since.

When I met Natalie for the 1st time almost 2 years ago there was definitely a connection, and we quickly understood each other and decided to create something together.
And I m so proud of the program we have put together, the work we have done and the lessons we learn, each time. And I am so happy to announce we are ready to welcome 6 new friends for our next session in 2019 !

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Join us for a week of “The good slow life” !

We only take a maximum of 6 people at once which means we create a very intimate atmosphere and have time to really listen to each other and be there for one another, on and off the mat.

We welcome all levels! Our focus is to really listen to our body and mind, to take a week to rest and deeply relax. Our classes are always adapted to our students, to the energy level, and to the mood of the moment.
Natalie is an amazing Chef and I am an acceptable sous-chef who works well with directions, which means you will be treated to pretty amazing breakfast/brunch and dinners.
Between your 2 classes of the day you have plenty of “me-time” to look forward to.

We have a couple of workshops, fun activities and field trips up our sleeves but we strongly advise you to also:
- walk on the beach
- run along the cliff
- read in the hammocks
- surf (or try to surf)
- Take loads of naps…
- stare at the view until you can’t take it anymore (has not happened to me yet)

We have wifi and working remotely, whilst frowned upon, is possible ;-)

More information & booking here. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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