Jomo to get back my Mojo


me time doesn’t come easily to me…

But appears to be a necessity…

I like to say/think that I’m powered by people (and peanut butter). And more precisely, I get my energy, my joy, what gets me going, when I see the people I love being touched, surprised, feeling loved, supported and cared for.
I spend a lot of time listening, observing, paying attention to the little things. And as much as I can, as often as I can, I use these information to make my people smile.
It makes me feel alive.

I live in a House with 40 people and we have an ongoing discussion about how much people give and take and how to find the right balance, and what is it to be a giver and a taker, and how does a Community thrives with all type of people, why do some of us emotionally burn out , while do other feel pressured to do more and some want more rules and structure are faced with people using “guidelines” and “values”.

I find myself forced to ask questions: “do I do what I do for recognition? If I stop “giving” what is my role in the Community? The Society?” “ If I stop giving, do I sill know my place?” “is this who I am?” “Do I expect things in return?”

And I’m not too sure anymore. What I’m sure of is that I’m starting to feel a bitterness in all this.

So I’m doing a bit of research. I started reading about Altruism, Matthieu Ricard’s book that discusses among other things, empathy, selflessness, compassion and all those things that, according to him (and me) are to be reckon with and should be given more attention to when working towards a better Society.
I have also enrolled in a free course on Coursera called The Science of Well Being and in the meantime, I m backing off a bit.

I take a little break in trying to be everywhere with and for everyone and I enjoy what they now call JOMO: The JOY of Missing Out in the hope of getting back to the core of why I liked to be there for people in the first place.

Let’s see how that goes…

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