Cry on the beach.

Today I thought about what I would write next.

I thought I could write about the fact that despite loving my “digital nomad” status I find it very difficult to really turn off work mode when on vacay and truly let go and relax… Or how co-living and our House’s values are so deeply anchored within me that I go through this weird limbo re-adaptation period every time I go back Home to France , or finally that no matter how busy you keep yourself, feelings and aches will always catch up.

Instead I cried on the beach.

So I pondered that for a while and I thought I would just share that.

That sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you are in paradise, with people who love you unconditionally, with good food and no care in the world.

Sometimes you just have to accept that you can’t help but cry on the beach.

morgane OléronComment