Welcoming December with bestie

I picked up this cutie face at the station on Friday and spent the weekend with her in Stockholm. We spent the days drinking lots of wine, gossiping, watching movies, eating candy, walking around town and even visited the Christmas Market in Gamla Stan (which probably would have been way better if it wasn’t raining cats and dogs).

Such a relaxing and fun weekend with my bestie, who I wish lived just a tiny bit closer!


Sadly, the third part of our trio, Emilie, was supposed to be here too, but got sick. You were badly missed Ems!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Time for a change

Yesterday morning I nervously walked into Björn Axén salon at Norrlandsgatan. I was so tired of my long, frizzy and lifeless hair, so together with the hairdresser we decided it was time for a (drastic) change.

Ready to cut

Ready to cut

Almost always having had long hair I was a bit unsure, but tried to remind myself that hair always grows out again, and mine pretty fast, so it was time to just jump into it. Funny how hair can feel so important, when it’s just hair.

Bye bye long and frizzy hair

Bye bye long and frizzy hair

And the result people!!!! Made me so damn happy, feel like a classy lady - haha! Seriously left there and felt like a completely different person (and a few kg lighter).


Thank you so so so much for all the love on Instagram btw. Makes me so happy when you take the time to send me nice messages and share your love!

Now I am ready to embrace December like a grown up now - hihi!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Here’s what’s cool

I spent the morning taking the subway to Kungsholmen to go get a new Swedish id card. And let’s just say I am beyond grateful I don’t need to deal with the subway during rush hour every single morning. My God people, why are you all so unfriendly?

Really amazes me sometimes, how unfriendly people can be, and how we let stress and other factors give us a reason to be selfish. Not only during rush hour, but in general! So here’s a little reminder of what’s cool people. Might be a good to refresh you memory during the hectic month of December;

Saying “thank you”

Showing up on time

Being nice to strangers

Listening without interrupting

Learning and using people’s names

Holding doors open for others

Smile to others

Apologizing when you’re wrong


So, in other words not rocket science, but something easily forgotten! When was the last time you smiled at a strangers? Or listened without interrupting?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Remember to enjoy yourself

As always, this is a stressful time of year (why it always ends up like that is a mystery to me), and most days after both work and the gym I just want to snuggle up under 2-3 blankets (yes I am cold) and watch a movie or read. Anything that doesn’t require me to go outside.

But every once in a while I realise a social life might be nice too, so last week I had the coziest after work “fika” with Felicia, who I hadn’t seen in ages. The warm cup of tea and delicious pastries at Wienercaféet was the perfect end to the day.


Someone asked me on Instagram how I would want to “destroy” my training from earlier in the morning with pastries in the evening, and I just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that pastries every once in a while doesn’t kill you! And working out should most definitely not be a punishment for what you might ate.

I think it is important to be healthy, but a life without sweets is not a life for me, but we are all different. Just find what works for you, and try to not walk around with guilt. I know too well how that sucks the joy out of moments like these.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Comfy clothes, bad Insta husband and yummy food

After questions of me starting my weekly summary again, I thought why not! So, instead of a weekly summary of my workouts, we do the whole shebang instead!

This week’s mantra
Chillin´like a villain! Because when you go from walking around in comfy workout clothes or jeans and a hoodie all day long, to suits, skirts and dresses, chillin´in comfy clothes during the weekend is just what is needed.

New set from H&M

New set from H&M

This week’s mood
Except for a mild headache, my mood has been good. Been so excited about learning more and more at work, getting into the swing of things. Also had a spontaneous date night with Johan and a morning spa session at Selma, so how could I not be happy?

This week’s surprise
My super-duper-awesome new blender! A late birthday present from Johans parents that just arrived! Dear lord I can´t wait to use it and share tons of delicious recipes with you. Just wait until you meet my new baby, you´re gonna love it too.

This week’s training
Tuesday and Thursday morning I joined Charlotte Beijer´s class at Adidas, bright and early. Love the group of girls, cheering each other on each time! Other than that I have only been going for walks, been beyond tired every evening.

Tons of girl power

Tons of girl power

This week’s series
Chicago Med. Seriously addicted and watched the whole second season in just one week. Big lover of the whole Chicago family; Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD! Anyone else watched/watching it?

This week’s funniest moment
When I had dinner at SUPPER with my dad and his colleague and I told them (while talking about girl power) that I have a hoodie that says “Pussy got balls”! My dads reaction was priceless.

This week’s yumminess
All my dinners this week delivered from Svartalådan. Genius for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, preparing meals. And the chia pudding and chocolate snack at Ulrika´s today. She needed to take pictures of food for work, so I kindly offered to eat it afterwards!

This week’s most liked picture
A picture from our weekend walk. You have now idea how much Johan rolled his eyes when I asked him to take a picture and to make it “less awkward” for the man I had to turn around and pretend to walk. So not winning an Instagram husband award, sorry Johan!


So, that was it for this week. Hope you had a lovely weekend and that your ready for a brand new Monday tomorrow!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Kissable lips kit

If there is one thing I struggle with year after year, it is dry lips. And we are not talking “add a little lip gloss and it will all be fine”- kinda dry. We´re talking sundried apricots kinda dry people! So dry it would hurt, and god forbid I would wanna kiss Johan!

Untill Burt´s Bees came into my life and gave me what I like to call my “kissable lips kit”


Overnight intensive lip treatment
Conditioning lip scrub
Hydrating lip balm -coconut & pear
Lip balm - vanilla bean
Tinted lip balm - Pink blossom / Glossy Lipstick

Glossy Lipstick: blush basin/501

Glossy Lipstick: blush basin/501

Overnight intensive lip treatment
The overnight intensive lip treatment provides long lasting moisturization for soft and smooth lips. This I usually do Sunday nights.

Conditioning lip scrub
When my lips are a little extra dry and I don´t want the lipstick to flake, I use the Conditioning Lip Scrub before applying lipstick. It gently exfoliates and conditions with its honey crystals, and helps smoothen the lips so the colour sticks throughout the day.

Hydrating lip balm -coconut & pear & vanilla beam
Comforting lips balms with soothing Vitamin E and a moisturizing affect, that I use every night before going to bed. Have them both in my nightstand.

Tinted lip balm - Pink blossom / Glossy Lipstick
My absolute favorite, used every day at work, adding a little colour to my lips during this grey season. Seriously don´t go anywhere without it these days!

Non of these products contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils or petroleum. Instead they focus on using natural ingredients, such as beeswax, shea butter, coconut, nutritious oils from olives, grape seeds and botanical herbs.

All helping to make my lips kissable during the colder months!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Morning wellness

Weekends are all about winding down, and this morning I most definitely did just that! I had a classic massage booked in at Selma City Spa, and on the menu was 45 minutes of pure relaxation (or closer to 40, since I spent the first five minutes getting comfortable with another person touching my half naked body).


Afterwards I planned on staying and take a dip in the pool and read a little, but sadly the spa was pretty crowded, so after a couple of pages in my book, I packed my stuff and headed on home to Johan and breakfast instead. But such a lovely start to the day.

And since the sun was shining so bright we put on sunglasses and went for a long walk at Djurgården. My favorite thing to do with my man, even though we can drive each other crazy sometimes, hihi! But our long walks, spotting cute doggies and holding hands - best part of my weekends, for sure <3


What are you up to this weekend? Taking it slow or booked in on lots of activities?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

A little celebration

My second week at The British Embassy is coming to an end and I am so happy to have ended up there. The task are interesting, the people are nice, all the while learning a lot. I feel for the first time I have come to a place where I get to challenge myself, in a positive way and having a work environment that suits me.

I have also been visiting the Ambassadors residence for a staff meeting and fika (boy do they love fika) and it was like walking into a palace, so beautiful, and everyone so friendly. And the Ambassador also introduced me to everyone, which was very nice.


So, yesterday called for a little celebration, seeing as we haven’t had a chance to do that yet. Johan and I met spontaneously at Brasserie Godot at Grev Turegatan for a class of wine, and poor guy, had to listen to me bable non stop about work for a good 30 minutes, hihi! Just couldn’t help myself, I am really happy!

Happy Friday peeps, up to anything fun this weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Do it for the right reasons

Feel like whenever you log on to Instagram an overload of “fitspiration” is shoved in your face? Sick and tired of reading about people who go to the gym twice a day, every damn day?

Coming across “motivational” fitspiration in social media is unavoidable, and quotes like; “You have to go through the worst to get to the best”, “Do it for the thigh gap” and “This month’s diet is next month’s body” really doesn’t do any of us good (in my opinion).

Many are under the impression that you either go all in or you go home, which leads too many into this vicious circle where they obsess about hitting the gym, pushing their bodies to the absolute limit. And when they can’t uphold their so-called healthy lifestyle over time, they punish themselves for failing (which is definitely not healthy).

At that point I think many of us need to rethink what it means to take care of your bodies.

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.


Being active and taking care of your health is important, no doubt about it, and I will never say otherwise. What I on the other hand will say is; don’t stress it! You don’t need to have abs, be able to run a marathon or lift a building to deserve a pat on the shoulder! All you need to do is find what works for you and have fun doing it. Like to walk? Then go for a walk! Like yoga? Then practice yoga! Like to play basketball? Then play basketball! Prefer to only do it occasionally, well, then do it occasionally.

Personally, it took me a while do understand this, and I still need to remind myself of it, but I have at least unfollowed all those so-called inspirational accounts and try to focus on me, my body and my needs.

We all need a little extra motivation or inspiration to get moving sometimes, but let’s do it the right way, ok? So, dear reader, don’t stress it. And don´t compare yourself to others. Take small steps and find what works for you and what makes you happy. And most importantly, do it for the right reasons.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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My skin care routine

About a year ago I got contacted by Kiehls to do a collaboration, testing some of their skin care products. Having trouble with both dry and irritated skin, I was happy to give them a try. And I have been visiting their store frequently ever since!


4 things I love about Kiehls

  1. Reasonable prices (skin care can be crazy expensive)

  2. Not too perfumed, which my skin is forever grateful for

  3. They sell their products in travel sizes

  4. They have a very helpful and talented staff

I started out with the Ultra Facial line, which is a chosen favourite from the consumers, and from there I have been testing different products. All with good help from the ladies over at Kiehls brand store here in Stockholm, who I feel genuinely wanna help me find what works for my skin and not just try to sell me as many of the most expensive products (big high five to them)!


Having gone a little back and forth, I am now back to the Ultra Facial line cleanser and toner, combined with another serum and moisturiser. What I love about the Ultra Facial line is that it offers continuous moisture replenishment for dry skin throughout the day with protection for severe weather. And we for sure have severe weather in this part of the world!


Today my skin care routine, morning and night, looks like this:

  1. Rinsing my face with Ultra Facial Cleanser (click here)

  2. Adding Ultra Facial Toner (click here) on a cotton pad and gently go over my face

  3. Followed by Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum (click here)

  4. And lastly a layer of Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream (click here)

In the beginning I dreaded the routine, since it took what felt forever (I am after all a girl who most of her life sprinkled some water in her face), but now I love it! Makes me feel fresh and my skin nourished from the inside out, especially now when I shower more often due to training which affects my skin. The key is to just give it some time.

PS; I am no longer sponsored by Kiehls, I am simply just a very satisfied customer

PS; I am no longer sponsored by Kiehls, I am simply just a very satisfied customer

What about you? Any products you swear to? Would love to hear all about it!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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Good end to a good week

This week has been pretty exciting; having started my new job at the British Embassy, joining Charlotte Beijers classes at Adidas, finally seeing “A Star is Born” at the cinema and hosting the bloppis!

And the bloppis turned out to be a huge success! Super fun that so many came, so this is definitely something I hope we will get to do again during spring! A big thanks to Clarion Hotel Amaranten for teaming up with us. And just wait until you see some of the treasures I got to bring home!

Isabel, Joanna, me, Louise and Anja (Alexandra behind the camera) ready to sell

Isabel, Joanna, me, Louise and Anja (Alexandra behind the camera) ready to sell

A queue before opening, jippi!

A queue before opening, jippi!

Alexandra &amp; Anja

Alexandra & Anja

Joanna &amp; Louise

Joanna & Louise



Barebells    &amp;    Froosh    for our shoppers

Barebells & Froosh for our shoppers

Goodie bag for the first 20 shoppers, including my fav from Better You:    betacarotene tablets

Goodie bag for the first 20 shoppers, including my fav from Better You: betacarotene tablets

After having overdosed on taco while blogging, a hot shower now awaits, giving my new vegan hair products a try, followed by a face mask and a good night sleep. Tomorrow is set for another day at the Embassy and I am excited for what the week will bring. Hopefully some sun, seeing as it has been in hiding for the last days!

What have you been up to this week/weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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The countdown has begun

Only three days left to our big flea market at Clarion Hotel Amaranten! Together with Louise, Anja, Isabel, Alexandra and Joanna, I sell tons of clothes, who would love a new owner! And best of all; Amaranten has two pretty awesome deals for you guys; making both a sleepover and enjoying bubbles while shopping possible! Take a look below!


Here comes all the practical information:
When: Saturday 10/11 from 11:00-14:00
Where: Clarion Hotel Amaranten, Kungsholmsgatan 31, 112 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Sign up: Free of charge and drop in between 11:00-14:00
Additional information: All payment will be through swish and the first 20 ladies to arrive will get a goodie bag sponsored by Better You, Froosh and Barebells!
Who is selling: Joanna, Anja, Louise, Alexandra, Isabel and me /Henriette

For more information contact me at henriette@bestofyou.se. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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