Snapshots from Warsaw

Two weeks ago I jumped on a flight to Warsaw with my friend Mikaela. We spent a long weekend there, strolling around, eating tons of good food, drinking delicious drinks and explore the city and its history. I must brag and tell we even joined a two hour long guided tour on our first day (seeing as I never do stuff like that). I might have focused more on taking pictures than listening, but I got bits and pieces.

Warsaw is an interesting city. On one side, so beautiful with old buildings, lots of details, big churches (and lots of them, one on every corner), while on the other hand it looked dirty, grey and a little poor. A huge contrast from one part of town to the other.

We lived about a five-eight minute walk from the old town at SixtySix Hotel, which was small, but very good. The location being gold. We could walk almost everywhere. And the breakfast was so yummy, croissants every day.

I had such a lovely, relaxing weekend. I think we were in bed between 21:00/22:00 every night, and I woke up with the sun around 06:00/07:00 every morning. My kind of vacaytion for sure! Here are some snapshots.


What Warsaw has lots of is good restaurants with delicious food and drinks for the cheapest price! Seriously, I know people always say Polen is cheap, but it was beyond my imagination. And we went to some pretty fancy places. Will do a own post with tips on where to go, so stay tuned.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia