Been home for a little over a week now and all my time was spent planning and organising the last details for our half-day workshop that we hosted yesterday. It was such a good day and I will tell you all about it later, just need to let all the impressions digest a little first.

Been a busy week, both at work and with Best of You, so today I spent doing what I do best on Sundays; dreaming-planning-creating! So many ideas rolling around in my head, so it was nice to get it all down on paper and plan ahead a little.

Also finally took the time to pimp up my mac with some stickers I bought in London. My boyfriend laughed when he saw it, but it puts a smile on my face so I´m keeping it!


Getting ready for a new week with a lot of gym time planned in, one very interesting meeting I hope will lead to a exciting collaboration and lots of healthy food and tons of sleep. Really been off on that department lately and can feel how it drains my body of energy. Time to fuel up.

You ready for a new week? Anything planned?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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