Sweat and smiles

Yesterday it was time to snap out of my Thailand bubble, ignore jetlag and low energy and get back into it. And damn was it a good way to start the day. Just felt a little heavier than in 2018.

2019s first workout contained lots of sweat, laughter and a few curse words, and the mood was high at TWPS. And afterwards a hot shower, lovely products from Rituals and a ginger/orange/turmeric shot was the cherry on top before heading off to work.


Can’t wait for next weeks bootcamp, seing as the group always motivate each other and make it way easier and more fun to actually get up and get going! Seriously, feel I make new friends every time I am there! People are so damn nice, and so…. normal! All ages, all sizes and no runway show. Just a group of women moving their bodies (to the best music).

Wanna join? Go check out www.theworkoutplan.se!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia