Mimosa and girl talk

Yesterday I had invited some friends over for a weekend brunch and I was so proud. I am THE worst in the kitchen, but I actually managed to serve food for five people! Small step for human kind, but a huge step for me (#dramatic)!

Alexandra,    Marie   ,    Charlotte    &    Felicia

Alexandra, Marie, Charlotte & Felicia

All being bloggers we of course let the camera eat first!

All being bloggers we of course let the camera eat first!


I served Alpro yoghurt (vegan) with granola and raspberries, crackers with red hummus, homemade banana waffles (not vegan), my green super mix and a little mimosa. Afterwards we had a little chocolate and caramels, but it was so damn hot in the apartment everything just melted, ourselves included.

Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money, it’s about finding a home in likeminded people!

Some images borrowed from Charlotte

Some images borrowed from Charlotte

It was so cozy to just sit and talk for a few hours. Funny how we girls can just talk and talk and then suddenly we stop, trying to figure out what the hell boys talk about when they get together (have no idea how we ended up doing that). We guessed politics and a few minutes later we of course talked a little politics, haha!

I feel very lucky to have met these wonderful ladies through my work with Best of You and now get to call them my friends 

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia