Girls night under the stars

My dear friend Emma took the long trip down to Mandal to join me at the summerhouse for two days! The evening she arrived the weather allowed us to move our girls night outdoors and we spent the night eating, drinking and talking for hours. So cozy!


Emma lives two hours from Oslo and I live in Stockholm, so we rarely get to spend more than a few hours together when we see each other, so having two whole days with her, all alone, did me good. Friendships like that makes life so much better!

We even went for a night swim, but seeing as we are both terrified to be alone in the dark water, it took some time to get our butts in the water. You know that moment when you are looking for and adult to jump in first, but then you realize you are an adult. So you look for an older adult. Someone successfully adulting. The “adultier adult”. Guess non of us (or both of us?!) turned out to be that person.

Pretty damn proud, haha

Pretty damn proud, haha


Lots of love from Henriette Sophia