After power walk comes pizza

After devouring both pizza and chocolate while watching a movie yesterday, we decided a power walk would do us good. Since we also had planned nachos and wine later in the evening. It is all about balance, right?

So we went for a walk as soon as it stopped raining and it was pretty nice to get our pulse up and get moving.

The name Sædberg made Emma go crazy haha

The name Sædberg made Emma go crazy haha


When we got home we jumped in the ocean to cool down, and then spent the evening playing Ludo. The perfect end to a very nice girls weekend (or mini vacay).


Today we did 30 minutes of yoga outdoors and ate lunch, before Emma headed on back home. Now I am sitting here with my coffee, blogging and waiting for my dad and grandmother to arrive later tonight.

Hope your day is awesome, whatever you´re doing!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia