A grateful yogini

Every once in a while I stop, take a step back (not literally) and look at how lucky I am to live such a good life. A huge contrast to my latest post, I know – hypocrite, sorry about that! But seriously, some moments I can’t  believe how lucky I am.

One of those moments was when I had the privilege to meet Adriene Mishler, as she kicked off her Find What Feels Good Roadshow in Stockholm.

The woman who helped me learn to love myself and find what feels good, both on and off the mat.


Adriene is a yoga teacher from Austin, Texas who has built a global yoga community on Yoga With Adriene, her YouTube channel, with nearly 4 million subscribers. Making yoga accessible to millions of people.

It’s not about doing it right, it’s about having fun and doing it together.

I have been a part of her community for almost two years, and her words have had a big impact on my life. Getting to participate in one of her classes in real life and then get to talk to her afterwards was… amazing! She even said yes to an interview for Best of You. How awesome is that?!

Such a down to earth, kind, funny and genuine person

Such a down to earth, kind, funny and genuine person

Right now she has a 14-day yoga course named “Yoga for all” going on, created to bring yoga to ALL people, especially those who need it the most and might get it the least. Join hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. Read more here. 


Now I just need to patiently wait until I can start working out again, and then you know where to find me!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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