Power walk duo

Spending so much time indoors as I do (at work), a big dose of daily fresh air is pretty essential for my wellbeing. So when when people say yes to a long walk after work I get very happy! Because there is little in this world that can’t  be fixed with a little movement and sunshine.


Walking outside in the fresh air is better than trudging round inside your brain!


Yesterday, Charlotte joined me for my usual round on Djurgården/Gärdet and she was the cutest; We saw different kinds of animals and birds on our way and it was like we were on a little safari, hihi!


Love living next to Djurgården, having the possibility to be in nature in just a few minutes. Especially in this summer heat, even though I feel sorry for the poor grass. Looks like it is about to burn up! But I never get tired of the view!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia