An Army Of Women

Exactly two weeks ago I was at the hospital, where they had to collect tissue samples of my cervix. This is due to cell changes that showed when I got tested a while back. And yesterday I got the result; I will need to do the procedure where they remove the lover part of the cervix, to prevent cellular changes from developing into cervical cancer. Which is a good thing,  but fear completely took over.

When I opened the letter and read the words, irritation first arose. I was so disappointed, because I had hoped not to have to go through with it. Then fear set in. What did this mean, will it hurt and what if the results are not good? What then? Will I have to remove my whole uterus? The part of me that represents womanhood. My thoughts completely took over and I started crying.

I cried out of anger and fear. And then I decided to share.

I decided to share it because I want to share both my ups and my downs in life on social media. Because life is both inspiring, exciting and beautiful, but also scary, confusing and lonely. And I try to embrace all parts.

And the love, the support and the stories you responded with. I was blown away.


69 women, 69 hearts and souls, all united in the struggles womanhood sometimes involve. It was beautiful. Thank you! And just to quote one of the girls writing me yesterday:

Sending you strength and love! Remember, you have a whole army of women who support you.

And I do, we all do and it is so damn beautiful!


Thank you <3

I know the doctors are talented in Sweden, I know so many women go through it and I know I most likely will be fine and completely healthy afterwards. But fear and logic don’t always go hand in hand.  But I have Googled the shit out of Google and now know everything there is to know about this, so I am so damn ready to get this over with.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia