Here’s what’s cool

I spent the morning taking the subway to Kungsholmen to go get a new Swedish id card. And let’s just say I am beyond grateful I don’t need to deal with the subway during rush hour every single morning. My God people, why are you all so unfriendly?

Really amazes me sometimes, how unfriendly people can be, and how we let stress and other factors give us a reason to be selfish. Not only during rush hour, but in general! So here’s a little reminder of what’s cool people. Might be a good to refresh you memory during the hectic month of December;

Saying “thank you”

Showing up on time

Being nice to strangers

Listening without interrupting

Learning and using people’s names

Holding doors open for others

Smile to others

Apologizing when you’re wrong


So, in other words not rocket science, but something easily forgotten! When was the last time you smiled at a strangers? Or listened without interrupting?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Henriette DanielsenComment