Comfy clothes, bad Insta husband and yummy food

After questions of me starting my weekly summary again, I thought why not! So, instead of a weekly summary of my workouts, we do the whole shebang instead!

This week’s mantra
Chillin´like a villain! Because when you go from walking around in comfy workout clothes or jeans and a hoodie all day long, to suits, skirts and dresses, chillin´in comfy clothes during the weekend is just what is needed.

New set from H&M

New set from H&M

This week’s mood
Except for a mild headache, my mood has been good. Been so excited about learning more and more at work, getting into the swing of things. Also had a spontaneous date night with Johan and a morning spa session at Selma, so how could I not be happy?

This week’s surprise
My super-duper-awesome new blender! A late birthday present from Johans parents that just arrived! Dear lord I can´t wait to use it and share tons of delicious recipes with you. Just wait until you meet my new baby, you´re gonna love it too.

This week’s training
Tuesday and Thursday morning I joined Charlotte Beijer´s class at Adidas, bright and early. Love the group of girls, cheering each other on each time! Other than that I have only been going for walks, been beyond tired every evening.

Tons of girl power

Tons of girl power

This week’s series
Chicago Med. Seriously addicted and watched the whole second season in just one week. Big lover of the whole Chicago family; Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD! Anyone else watched/watching it?

This week’s funniest moment
When I had dinner at SUPPER with my dad and his colleague and I told them (while talking about girl power) that I have a hoodie that says “Pussy got balls”! My dads reaction was priceless.

This week’s yumminess
All my dinners this week delivered from Svartalådan. Genius for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, preparing meals. And the chia pudding and chocolate snack at Ulrika´s today. She needed to take pictures of food for work, so I kindly offered to eat it afterwards!

This week’s most liked picture
A picture from our weekend walk. You have now idea how much Johan rolled his eyes when I asked him to take a picture and to make it “less awkward” for the man I had to turn around and pretend to walk. So not winning an Instagram husband award, sorry Johan!


So, that was it for this week. Hope you had a lovely weekend and that your ready for a brand new Monday tomorrow!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia