Morning wellness

Weekends are all about winding down, and this morning I most definitely did just that! I had a classic massage booked in at Selma City Spa, and on the menu was 45 minutes of pure relaxation (or closer to 40, since I spent the first five minutes getting comfortable with another person touching my half naked body).


Afterwards I planned on staying and take a dip in the pool and read a little, but sadly the spa was pretty crowded, so after a couple of pages in my book, I packed my stuff and headed on home to Johan and breakfast instead. But such a lovely start to the day.

And since the sun was shining so bright we put on sunglasses and went for a long walk at Djurgården. My favorite thing to do with my man, even though we can drive each other crazy sometimes, hihi! But our long walks, spotting cute doggies and holding hands - best part of my weekends, for sure <3


What are you up to this weekend? Taking it slow or booked in on lots of activities?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia