My workout week #44

This week’s workouts
Monday: Rest day /30 minutes walk, regular tempo
Tuesday: 45 minutes Barre
Wednesday: 1 hour yoga
Thursday: 45 minutes strength training at Adidas
Friday: 45 minutes yoga
Saturday: Rest day / 1 hour power walk
Sunday: Rest day /1 hour walk, regular tempo

This week’s workout buddy
Me, myself and I. Really miss having a workout buddy or two. But been walking a lot with the dog this weekend, does that count?!


This week’s best workout
Without doubt Thursdays circuit training at Adidas. Felt so good and felt I found a good balance between pushing myself and listening to my body.

This week’s best workout song
Salt-N-Pepa - Push it

This week’s setback
Had planned interval running today, but slept next to nothing, in addition to having a semi-sore throat, so didn’t wanna risk it. But not sure I would qualify that as a set back, just life happening!

This week’s highlight
Both my yoga classes, but the one on Friday in particular. Nothing like warming up and stretching the whole body while sore from a strength class. Also helped me get rid of a headache, thank you very much.

This week’s reflection
Never eat right before a class. Felt those spoons of oatmeal halfway up my throat at the end of the class there. Not to be recommended. All kidding aside, this weeks reflection was a lot of thinking around my reason why. Why do I work out? What motivates me? More about that another time, too many thoughts running through my head at the moment.


Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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