My workout week #43

Finally back in the game and thought it would be fun to share my workout weeks with you guys, since they were a hit when I did it in the beginning of the year.

Been a good week where I have gotten my four workouts in, and some additional power walks. Prefer to walk every day, but it´s getting seriously cold and dark in this city so I feel a tad limited. But, lets take a look:

This week’s workouts
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 30 minutes power walk
Wednesday: 45 minutes Barre
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: 1 hour with interval running + strength training
Saturday: 55 min yoga
Sunday: 35 minutes intervals + 1 hour power walk

Morning class with Catja Divjak at Adidas

Morning class with Catja Divjak at Adidas

This week’s workout buddy
Ulrika and I teamed up both on Fridays session at Clarion Hotel Sign and the yoga class at Adidas. Super fun to finally have some company and the fact that she has the FitnessCollection app too is just perfect!

This week’s best workout
All of them to be honest, because I needed them all. But if I would have to choose I would say todays interval session on the treadmill. So badly needed to sweet a little and I managed to push myself to go a little faster! Who knows, maybe I get back to run once a week again.

This week’s best workout song
I honestly don´t have ANY good songs to listen too while working out so please leave me some tips in the comment field below!

This week’s setback
My muscles were still pretty sore and after my failed bootcamp experience, so Barre was a challenge. Had trouble stretching my upper body and breath properly, but hopefully it will go better the upcoming week.

Fresh air and a good podcast made my power walk on Tuesday

Fresh air and a good podcast made my power walk on Tuesday

This week’s highlight
Getting up and fighting the cold to get to yoga on Saturday morning. And all the greens I have managed to get in before and after a workout, through smoothies and juices.

This week’s reflection
There is no doubt that listening to the body is important, and I have finally started to ‘tune more in’. The balance between knowing when you have had enough and when to keep pushing yourself is hard to find, but important to be able to maintain a good health.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia