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//Ambassador collaboration with FitnessCollection

After a few morning meetings yesterday, I met up with my friend Ulrika at Selma City Spa at Clarion Hotel Sign. We had booked 180 minutes workout/spa through FitnessCollection. Our motivation when we met wasn’t exactly on top, but we managed to get into our workout gear and head on down to the gym on the 2nd floor.

When I asked Ulrika what she had planned and she answered running 1 mile on the treadmill, my reaction was hilarious to say the least!


So, in other words I did NOT run a mile (I hate running), but I ran 35 minutes intervals. For some reason I like that, as long as I just get started. Made me keen on adding 1 interval a week to my gym plan. Anyone have any good intervals to share?

Afterwards I did a few strengt exercises. Love the gym at Clarion, because it´s not pretty big, but it got all you need to get a good workout in for the whole body.


Afterwards, when it was time to reward our hard work with an hour at the spa, Ulrika had to run. I looked at her like she just told me the production of chocolate just had stopped. Haloooo lady, the whole reason I went there (kidding… or not, hihi). But since I hadn’t brought a book and I was pretty hungry I headed home too. We booked in the same thing next week instead, at another location.

FitnessCollection has such a wide range of different types of training, and the possibility to combine that with a spa every once in a while is the cherry on top! Interested in giving it a try? Get 20% off the 3 first months by using the discount code: bestofyou.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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