Back in the game

When I got off work today my stomach did a little flip; I was actually nervous about working out, all by myself….Says a lot about how long it has been. But I got my shit together and headed over to Clarion Sign Hotel, checked in with FitnessCollection and headed into their gym.

I started with warming up for 15 minutes, before getting to a little weight lifting. Sadly I am no fancy fitness guru, knowing all the names on the different exercises, but I can mention boxing, squats, kettlebell swing, and the thing with the barbell, among some.


Best part was when I was done, feeling way better than when I arrived! Energized and in a better mood! Getting to take a hot shower up at Selma Spa didn’t exactly damper it either.

Next up is Barre! If I am not too sore tomorrow!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia