When your body says no

Ok, so my bootcamp experience lasted for one day. One night only ladies and gents… I am truly so sad while writing this. Turns out my body completely shut down, I fainted and got sick.

And just to emphasize: this has nothing to do with Rawhouse and the class! I can truly recommend the place! It was fun, challenging yes, but never in a way that made me fill nauseous or ill. However, this has something to do with me.

Had a long talk with a very friendly doctor and turns out I have underestimated the need for rest. And the importance of listening to my body.

Turns out my body is just not cut out for that type of high intensive training at the moment (or if it ever has). She also mentioned my heart condition (yes, I have a tiny tiny tiny heart thing) that makes it harder for the blood to be pumped around or something doctorish like that. And the fact that I operated not to long ago (which in my opinion has nothing to do with this, been 6 weeks and I feel completely fine).

And then there is this thing called sleep, healthy food, stress... So much to think about!

So the best medicine turned out to be rest, listen to my body and stick to moderate exercises for now, at least until I feel better. Then slowly build up some strength before hitting my next bootcamp. So I was actually adviced to not participate in a bootcamp, because my body can´t really handle it.. Hello shame and tears..

Restmode with little Dallas

Restmode with little Dallas

Turns out a lot of people actually experience getting sick after periods of intensive workout, because it can affect the immune system. And now I am obviously not talking about me of course, after all; one class can not exactly be compared to a period of working out.

But what happens is that the number of white blood cells drops which again makes you become more susceptible to infections immediately after a hard workout because it is the white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses. And the reason may be caused by the adrenal kick and extra rapid blood flow as a result of the exercise. Really interesting to learn how the body actually works, hihi!

Nevertheless, I cancelled my bootcamp and might just go for a walk instead (can you handle that body?!). Then it´s time to forgive my shortcomings and get back on the horse (after some rest).

Ever experienced something similar? Or having a hard time listening to your body too?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia