Time to shut up and take my own advice

Well, you will never believe it! In the spirit of my new campaign “Let´s get moving” I said yes to join a 8 weeks bootcamp with FitnessCollection. And it´s safe to say I am terrified.

But while getting ready to blog about my big fear of tomorrows first class, I came across something I wrote about a year ago. A text, that after having read it, truly opened my eyes and made me realise I need to shut the hell up and take my own advice. Because I can do this, and I do belong! Take a look:

Right where I belong
Being Editor in Chief of Best of You, I have been getting to know the health community in Stockholm more and more. Not only in terms of our collaboration partners, but all the wonderful personal trainers, yoga teachers, coaches and brand owners out there. We work together, go to events together and often train together.

Which used to terrify me!

I have never been this super fit gym lover, who makes lifting weights and running on a treadmill look as easy as a Sunday stroll to the local bakery. Let me try to explain: I am more the type of girl who gets a mild heart attack after a few meters of running, who is so red in the face that it looks like my period came out of the wrong place and lifting those 2-3 kg like my life depended on it. Making it hard to feel any connection to all those bloggers and influencers out there, promoting health.

When I met all these wonderful trainers and started to get invited to their workouts and events I was terrified. “I am not fit enough for this”. “I am not one of them”. “What the fuck am I doing here”. These where all thoughts running through my head.

But then I realised that this is exactly what I want to change

I want you to know that you don’t have to be fit to join a gym class. You don’t have to be soft and limber to be able to do yoga, and you don’t have to be skinny and have abs to be able to call yourself healthy. You find what feels good to you and a balance based on your life, your body and your needs.

Which is also what inspired me to found Best of You in the first place. Because I love yoga, but I also love wine. I love to work out and sweat, but I also love my relationship to the cookie jar and our late night dates with Netflix. And that doesn’t mean I don’t belong.

So don’t think you need to fulfil certain criteria’s to be part of something. You are more than enough and health is for everyone! Coming from the girl who still goes to fitness events being the only one there not being able to do pull ups or hand stands, but still enjoys herself!

So go lift those weights girl, or go to that yoga class you always wanted to try or head straight into the lions cave and join the heavy bodybuilders at the gym. Whatever you prefer, but don´t let a label or the thought of not being good enough stop you. Because you rock, with or without abs!

Plank position might give you abs, but so does laughing /Photo: Jānis Šaulis

Plank position might give you abs, but so does laughing /Photo: Jānis Šaulis

So, time to take my own advice and get going again! And don´t forget to join my Facebook group for a little dose of inspiration and motivation!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia