FitnessCollection x Best of You


I am proud to announce I am now brand ambassador for FitnessCollection. An app giving you access to 140 different studios in one membership. So time to get that body moving and release some endorphins. Told it is supposed to make us happy after all.


Not having been able to work out the last few weeks due to my operation has really had an impact on my overall mood. Been low on energy, having back pain and just feeling lazy as f*ck. Kinda like I feel during the periods of time I completely check out due to lack of motivation (opsi)!

But now I am ready, starting off with testing the gym at Clarion later today, followed by Barre, Yoga and Cycling the upcoming days. Variation is key to stay motivated, so what better than to try some new stuff?


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Lots of love from Henriette Sophia