Do you laugh enough?

When having a lot on your plate it's easy to forget to take time to relax, unwind and do something as simple as laugh. It's also easy to get stuck in a habit of focusing on negative things and for instance to read only sad, serious books or watch crime series, which definitely is not helping to increase the amount of laughter you enjoy on an average day. 

I couldn't find any serious studies proving that laughing actually is good for you and your health, but one thing is certain, a good laughter really FEELS great! Here are three tips to get more laughter in to your life:

  • Relax, and the laughter will come. If you're stressed it's hard to laugh. Try mindfulness, yoga and to take a mental chill pill. Put silly worries away, focus on the important things you need to get done, and feel your shoulders drop.  By creating space for unwinding, you'll find it's easier to get laughing.

  • Try laughter yoga 

  • Decide to focus on more positive things. Choose comedies instead of crime or dark series, watch stand up, follow funny accounts online and read jokes when you have a spare minute. Why not create a group with your friends where you share jokes or positive things from your everyday lives? 

Giggly greetings, 

HahahaHannah! :D

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PS. HaHappy Easter in double sense! :D


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