What do you want to achieve 2019?

Recent studies show that we sit way too much and that a sedentary lifestyle is threatening our health. Here is a post on why sitting too much is bad for you.

Are you wanting to change your eating and drinking habits? Here is an article on how much water you should drink and another one on healthy eating

By knowing why exercise is so good for you, you might find yourself working out more. Here are all the reasons to get going 2019. Remember to not exaggerate your goals, and here is how much exercise you should do to stay healthy

For more tips on how to get a healthier and happier 2019, check out this post on how to create a successful New Years resolution.

Remember that it's all about you - forget what other people do and just go for what feels good for you! 

Get in touch or comment below if you want more tips or have any questions. Best of luck!

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