Do what works for you

If you're goal with working out is a healthy life, all you need to do is move your body and eat well. With that I mean, it doesn't really matter what sort of exercise you do, as long as you get yourself going (and do not injure yourself). Try and get your heartrate up a few times through the week and challenge your muscles regularly.

Let go of all expectations of what exercise should be or should look like. Just get up, and get moving. You should move your body regularly, preferably every hour and you should avoid sitting or lying down too long. The rest is up to you.

You can exercise at home, on your way somewhere, outside, at work or a combination of all. Dancing, walking, cleaning, running, strength training, football, bowling, swimming, having a disco with your kids, playing in the park, skiing, yoga - it is all good for you, just try different things until you find your thing. 

Simply move your body.

Healthy regards,


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Hannah NordlundComment