5 quick tips for a healthier life

Ever feel overwhelmed with tips on how to lead a healthy life? Look no further, I’ve broken it down to five easy steps, cause it doesn’t have to be complicated:

1. Sleep - make sure you get enough shut eye. If you can’t get your hours over night, try a nap or even closing your eyes shortly whenever you get the chance

2. Enjoy your food - whatever you are eating, enjoy every bit of it. Try to get a lot of natural, colorful food and loads of vegetables and fruits

3. Move your body - get up and get going. Try to create active habits, so that you avoid sitting too long. And try to exercise more intensely a couple of times per week, to get your heart going and muscles challenged

4. Relax - less stress and more yoga and meditation is an important foundation for a healthy life. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A few focused breaths here and there can make wonders

5. Choose the right mindset - a positive attitude and a carpe diem mindset can make all the difference

Hannah NordlundComment