Tips for a successful New Years resolution

Planning on making yourself a healthy promise this New Years eve? Keep reading, this article is for you. Here are my best tips for setting up a successful goal. Make sure your goal is: 


Read this article to learn how much exercise actually is enough according to the World Health Organization (a minimum of 150 minutes moderate activity per week OR 75 minutes of more intense exercise)


What can be more motivating long term than knowing that you're working towards a healthier, happier life? By focusing on  what actually matters - avoiding illness and reducing the risk for many difficult conditions - you might find yourself fulfilling your promise easier.

Avoid focusing on your looks or weight in your resolution, it's usually hard to manage and can create a negative spiral of thoughts. Also avoid creating a too tough workout plan. For instance to go without proper rest days or without variation can be directly harmful and instead of giving you a better year, it'd do the very opposite. 

Here's an example on a healthy workout plan, and in this article you can read about all the positive effects of exercise


If possible, focus your target around activities that are exciting and fun. If you can't find anything that makes you tick, try find something that makes you feel good. All exercise is good exercise. You don't have to hit a gym to be healthy. It's just about moving your body! 


Write it down where you see it often. Schedule a reminder in your calendar and be honest with yourself. Feedback and be prepared to change your action plan as and when needed. 

Remember that it's all about you - forget what other people do and just go for what feels good for you! 

Get in touch or comment below if you want more tips or have any questions. Best of luck!

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