Healthy holidays

Exercise doesn't have to look a certain way to be healthy and do you good. It's all about avoiding to sit still too long, and to move your body as often as possible. Here are my 3 top tips for a healthy Christmas:

  • Set realistic expectations 

Do what you can with the time you have for exercise. If possible, get your family and friends involved. A winter walk, a visit to the pool or go dancing together. You don't have to go to a gym to be healthy. 

What better than combining a healthy activity with hanging out with your loved ones? And what's more, your meal and drinks will taste so much better after some exercise.  If you have kids or see someones elses, make the best of it by activating them while you get to exercise. A treasure hunt, home disco or a running competition are just a few ideas.  

An efficient way of getting a workout done is to do a quick home session. Really, any exercise is better than none, so get up and get going. 10 min jogging and simple strength exercises (sit ups, push ups, back lifts) will make a difference!

  • Enjoy your meal

Slow down your eating and try to really enjoy every bite or drink. By eating in a calm way you give your brain time to realise when you're full.  Eating quickly is a straight

Remember to drink a lot of water as well, it's the best against thirst and will help you do drink a little less of other things. 

  • Stand up every hour

Sitting down is todays smoking - a slow killer that we all do way too much.  By simply standing up you make a difference for your health.

If you're needing some videos for a home workout, here are two suggestions:

8 minute, intense Tabata session - perfect for Christmas Eve/Day

Yoga for digestion  - ideal after any holiday meal

Best of luck and hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Healthy regards, 


Online Personal Trainer

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