Why everyone should try yoga

There are so many different ways of doing yoga - really as many as there are people on the planet. It can be quiet, fast, mindful, serious, fun, strengthening, dancy, static, flowy, weird, relaxing, mainstream, stretchy and so much more. If you have tried it but didn’t like it, maybe you just didn’t try the right form for you?

Whatever type of yoga you try, it’s certainly gonna be different than most other exercise classes you’ve done. First of all you’re usually barefoot or in your socks, which gives a fab feeling and connection to the floor. Secondly, you’re (most often) using a mat and are varying standing, seated and lying positions. Last but not least, most classes have that “listen to your body” and “enjoy the moment” feel to them. Sure, it is easy to look jealously at that super acrobatic girl next to you but when you manage to move past that, you will be stronger than ever.

There are as many ways of doing yoga as there are people on the planet. To me, yoga is a broad word for a type of exercise, like “cardio” or “strength" training. If you’ve tried it and didn’t like it, maybe give it another go with another teacher/style and maybe even in the comfort of your home?

What makes yoga so special, is that it offers a contrast to the fast paced, intense and online focused society we live in. I believe Yoga is good for your body and good for your soul.

Namaste and feel free to be in touch or comment below.

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