3 tips for online detoxing

Do you feel like your phone is taking over your life? Look no further, here are my three top tips for a successful online detox. And hey - you don’t have to do it long at all to feel the benefits! Decide how long works for you - an hour, a day or a weekend. However long, it will make a difference.

1. Change your attitude

We are expected to be online constantly and to answer all sorts of communications straight away. Decide to not take part of that. Realise that if something truly urgent or bad happens, people will call or even come and find you. Re-evaluate the word "important" and "urgent" as well. For most of us, job matters are rarely that, but still, they can be treated like they are a matter of life or death.

Another thing to consider, is any potential control issues of yours. "What if I miss something?", seems to be a common thought. The downside of going offline is for sure to miss things, but the upside is that whenever you are out socialising, you will be more present, happy and relaxed than ever. 

2.  Prepare

Without planning and preparation you might end up with annoyed work colleagues/customers as well as worried friends and family. 

Make sure to get everything sorted before you go offline; pay your bills, print your tickets if you're going away and set an auto reply on your email. Let people know that you are unavailable, when you will be back and how they can reach you if anything truly urgent happens. 

I for instance, tell my PT clients how long I will be away for, make sure they know what to do while I'm away, and let them know when they can expect to hear from me again. I'm always just a phone call away if anything urgent comes up, but so far it hasn't…

3. Unplug and enjoy the moment

After preparing for your offline time, it's time to unplug and enjoy. Hide your computer, log out of your apps or change to an old phone without WiFi or mobil data functions, get a book out or whatever you fancy doing, and enjoy. 

There will be moments when you think you need your phone or to check something online. Ask yourself: "Is it really important or is my feeling just an old habit?". We take more photos than ever, and most of them we will probably never look at again. When you get that urge to photograph something or to Instagram it; tell yourself to enjoy it in the moment and to take a mental photo. The better an experience is, the more you will enjoy it through your memories :)

With that said, hope you get a successful online detox! Feel free to be in touch with questions.

Healthy regards,


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Hannah Nordlund4 Comments