3 tips to stay healthy and avoid catching a cold

  1. Sleep. Resting properly will keep your body strong and ready to fight germs. If you can’t get enough sleep over night, try taking a power nap whenever possible.

  2. Eat well - vegetables, fruits and water. Eat as natural and variated as possible. Try to have a colorful plate with healthy proteins. Remember that water is essential for your body to function! Some experts argue that taking extra vitamins will help, and others say its unnecessary and that you get enough through your food. Try and see what works for you.

  3. Wash your hands often. Nothing will help as much as to actually wash away any germs, especially before eating or preparing food.

    And well if the cold gets to you, make the best of it; cancel your plans, cosy up with a cuppa and a book, and enjoy it as much as you can…

Hannah Nordlund2 Comments