3 tips for healthy eating


With every meal, try to have a few different vegetables and/or fruit/berries. Keep it as variated as possible, think colorful. You can eat as much veg and berries as you like. Be aware that the sweetest fruits are too good to be true - they contain a lot of fructose which can trigger your sweet tooth.


With natural, clean food I mean "as few added ingredients as possible", that is pure, natural proteins. The shorter list on the back of the product, the better. Fish, beans, chicken, turkey, tofu are just a few of many great, healthy options. Have you seen that here is a lot of ready to eat fish or vegetarian options? Even microwavable options without any added junk! Perfect for a busy day.


Fajitas, potatoes, pasta, rice - all are good products as long as you choose wholemeal (brown) ones, and have a handful during breakfast and lunch. If you exercise a lot, you might find the need for having carbs in the evening as well. Balance is key. 

We are all different so what works for one might not work for someone else. Trial and error till you find your way.  Feel free to be in touch to discuss this further or for any questions at all.

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