Sandra Aggemo is a certified speaker and Life & Stress Coach, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She offers coaching and lectures both privately and for bigger groups, as well as company packages. Her goal is to inspire you to connect to your true self mainly through the human vulnerability and the breath.

Because when we start to express our feelings, thoughts and needs, our stress levels will start to sink and our self-esteem will improve.

In today’s high pace society, where constant comparison and "inadequate culture” arises, simply stop stressing isn’t enough anymore. We need to understand our stress in order to create space for our recovery system. What do we need to handle today's constant flows that drain our energy? How can we fuel ourselves?


Sandra offers both 1-to-1 sessions as your personal coach, as well as group sessions for you or your company. Her coaching sessions will help you or your team to explore your current situation, learn to see things in a new perspective and raise your level of consciousness.  

Stress is unavoidable, so focus more on ways to handling it and recover;
One of her popular lecture themes are based on her personal journey suffering from a high stress level and cronical oxygen deficiency. It´s a personal and interactive lecture on understanding what happens in our bodies during prolonged stress, and how we can help our body and mind while focusing on two of our basic needs – doing and being.

Vulnerability and breathing behaviour - a way to reduce stress;
This lecture is also based on her personal journey with focus on two empowering tools: vulnerability and the breath. She will guide you on how your can use the two tools – that are already within you – to reduce your stress levels. When we are brave enough to breathe through our darkness we will experience a new way of being human: imperfect, but still worthy. Sandra will also share an easy exercise that will improve your relationship with your breath. An easy, but very powerful exercise.

All classes are open to everyone and taught in English and/or Swedish. Prices vary, depending on type of session and number of attendees, so feel free to reach out to Sandra and set something up.


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