Maria Swanström is a highly recommended motivational speaker with a specialty of inspiring self leadership in people. How do we manage ourselves & our organisations in the best way when we are constantly distracted by all the impressions that our minds get today, how do we keep focus?

Life is to live and we are here to thrive, feel and do good! But in today's society, we are living in a quick-fix-world where life spins faster and faster, and we are getting used to click enter and things are just delivered to us. 

To get more power, energy and focus we need to listen more to ourselves, be more here and now. We as humans perform best when in a positive harmonic and happy environment. And to do that we need to take responsibility for ourselves, keep focus, communicate and have the right attitude.

Based on a variety of professions, education, studies and research, Maria can in a phenomenal way relate and adapt her lectures to the customer's needs. This along with a solid education in Digital Business at Business School in New York, where the understanding between IRL, EQ and everyday communication has become very clear.

Lectures and workshops within:

  • Self-leadership

  • Successful Teams

  • Group development

  • Culture * Structure

  • Inspiration / Motivation / Commitment

  • Energy Boost


All classes are open to everyone and taught in English and/or Swedish. Prices vary, depending on type of session and number of attendees, so feel free to reach out to Maria and set something up.


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