Mindfulness Coaching with Anna


Anna Vogel is a Mindfulness Instructor and a Coach and the owner of Mindful Mojo. Her passion is to inspire and help people live more conscious, authentic, fun and creative lives. She offers courses, workshops, lectures and private coaching for individuals and organisations. 

Annas private coaching sessions give you one on one training in the areas that are most important to you and your growth. Some common areas in Annas coaching is health and wellbeing, work and career, mindful stress-reduction, self-compassion and self-care, artist- and creativity coaching. Do you want to build the courage to go after a dream? Do you want to find new habits in handling work/life-balance? You´re the one who decides in which area you want to grow and Anna is your support in the process.

Maybe you want to set some new goals, get clear about your values or start your own business? You might seek some clarity about which direction to go, handle the stressors in life better or get past limiting beliefs. You choose the path.

The foundation in most of Annas courses and coaching is mindfulness. Anna started her own mindfulness practice after a burnout and health problems in 2012. Mindfulness was an invaluable tool in Annas own healing process, and something that helped her find both the energy and courage to pursue her passion in personal development, music and creativity.


  • Individual Coaching
    In programs of 6, 8 or 10 times. The coaching program always starts with a first meeting where you get to express your needs and the areas of your life you want support in.

  • Courses for private persons

    Getting Clear- Being You. Bring out your mojo with mindfulness 
    The purpose of this course is to help you step into your true power, your mojo. We´ll work on inside-out goals and the foundations of mindfulness. You´ll learn how to handle stress in your life and what gives you energy. Time to bring out that mojo of yours!

    Reset - A day for your mojo
    A whole day just for your health and wellbeing. In the middle of the buzzing city, but still in a peaceful setting. A day to reset, recharge and fill up with new energy. Gentle movement, calming mindfulness meditations, and inner reflection work

    Work - Mojo
    Are you an entrepreneur who need new tools  to create the business you love? Thinking about starting your own business but don´t know what business to start? This full-day course is for all of you looking for a work-life that´s in line with your core values. A career with heart!

  • For businesses
    Workshops and programs for leaders and employees in Mindfulness, Work Focus, People Growth and Stress Managment

  • Lectures & Motivational Talks
    Mindfulness and Work Focus
    Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
    A Career with Heart
    Bring out Your Mojo. Stand in your Power.

All classes are open to everyone and taught in English and/or Swedish. Prices vary, depending on type of session and number of attendees, so feel free to reach out to Anna and set something up.


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