Leadership COACHING WITH ANNA Johansson


Anna is a certified Life-and Career Coach, based in Stockholm Sweden. She recently quit her career as a COO at a company with over 1000 young professionals employed. Now she’s coaching individuals, groups and companies. Anna has a passion for your development and she will help you reach your goal and get you where you want to be.  

Anna is 100% committed to you. She will help you realize your vision, achieving your goals and feeling good while doing it.

Annas philosophy builds on the idea that you, as a person, have to take care of yourself to be able to perform. You are the most important person in the world and you are worth investing in. By investing in coaching and in your health you will optimize the opportunity’s to reach your goals.


Annas coaching have 5 focus areas:

  • Expand your comfort zone. Anna will help you to find your courage and actually do what you want to do.  It´s all about taking the step from thinking to doing.

  • Get highly functioning relationships whether it’s between you and your boss, a colleague or with your partner.

  • Reach your goal at work.  

  • Take control over your stress level and be able to manage your time well.

  • Become a better leader, be able to inspire and motivate for better results. 

All coaching is in English and/or Swedish and is also available through phone/online.  


  • 10 coach sessions: 8550kr (100kr discount per session)

  • 6 coach sessions: 5400kr (50kr discount per session)

  • 3 coach sessions: 2850kr

*All prices include taxes

Feel free to reach out to Anna and set something up!


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