When the chase for a healthy lifestyle takes over your life


Taking care of our overall health is important. There is no arguing that. However, what happens when our chase for a healthy lifestyle takes over and we create what is supposed to be healthy habits, but in reality become unhealthy?

You might know the feeling? That sinking pit in your stomach after having had a donut, cheeseburger or candy. You f***d up, ate something bad and it wasn’t even Saturday. Then the well-known what-the-heck effect kicks in: I already had one, I might as well have one more and go back to being healthy tomorrow. Or you didn’t make it to todays gym class, so you might just skip it all together and try again next week. Sound familiar?

These days it might seem that if you don’t drink matcha latte, avoid gluten and sugar, eat only vegan food, drink freshly pressed celery juice every morning and embrace the joy of barre, Pilates or yoga, frequently apply face masks, take collagen or meditate at least 15 minutes every day, then you’re not living your best, healthiest life. It is so damn confusing and stressful, which again is seriously more harmful than that goddamn cookie.

Media, and influencers very much substantiates the belief that there is only one way to go. And if you don’t go that way, you might as well just give up and curl up in a bathtub of syrup (and no, not the healthy type like agave).

But guess what: there is no recipe on the healthiest way to live. Because health differs from person to person, and what might work for you does not necessarily work for me. I cannot emphasis this enough.

Have you ever asked yourself what living healthy means to YOU?

For me, it is without doubt the wonderful word “balance”. Not all or nothing, but balance. Because a pain au chocolate for breakfast makes me ridiculously happy. That does not mean I should eat it for breakfast every day. Same goes for drinking a bottle (read: two) of wine with friends. Sometimes I will do just that, but not every day. The list can go on, but I guess you get my thinking?

Many say restriction is the only way to stay on track (whatever that means) but in my opinion the only thing it does is not only sabotages your quality of life, but also your self-esteem. Because you will f**k up at some point, and when you do you will have disappointed yourself. Imagine how you feel after several f**k-ups. Not good, I would say!

Why not incorporate everything in moderation and most importantly; listen to your body? Feel like drinking celery juice? Great, do so! Feel like going to that fifth barre class this week? You go girl! Wanna jump into comfy clothes and eat Nutella with a spoon? Why the hell not? Find a way to balance it all, and find what feels good. It’s not only a sustainable way to live, but also a kinder way to treat yourself. Because terms as cheat meal and guilty pleasure don’t really belong in our vocabulary.

Work on your mindset, because that’s where the magic happens.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo: Jennifer Burk on Unsplash