Can we catch a mental cold?

I recently came across the term "mental cold" and it really resonated with me. Not only is it a great name for those days when even getting out of bed requires extra energy and dark clouds seem to follow us around wherever we go, but it also puts them into perspective.

When my body starts to feel tired and I feel like I start to get sick, I try to take better care of myself. I nourish and pamper myself a bit extra and I let my body heal and recover. The same approach should be applied for our mental health, right?  Let's face it - we cannot be happy and our best selves every single day. Sometimes we will feel blue and that's normal!  

Sometimes we just need to let it run its course armed with patience and understanding.

What if we thought of it this way - just like our bodies, our minds can catch a cold. They can also go through periods when everything is harder and energy consuming and when we don't feel like we can handle even the simplest task easily. If you have understanding and care for your body when it feels bad, why not have the same compassion for your mind too? I say this because many of us feel irritated and are hard on ourselves when we feel blue. But, instead of getting mad about it, sometimes we just need to let it run its course armed with patience and understanding.  

Looking at my mental health the same way as I look at the physical one, helped me to understand that some things are beyond my control. No matter how many vitamins I take I can still catch a cold. And no matter how well I take care of yourself it might still take a few days until I feel better. Also, my mood is just that - my mood. And if it goes low for a couple of days it's not the end of the world. Simply remember to be kind and gentle to yourself until the clouds part and it goes away. Because just like your body, sometimes your mind just needs a bit of a rest.

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic / Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash