Time to replace them heels with good old Nike


Summer has come and gone and while some maintain their exercise routine all through the season, you have those who fall completely off the wagon (people like me)!

I don´t know about you, I just have a hard time prioritising the treadmill over the beach, protein shakes over drinks and sweaty core sessions over long walks in the evening sun. Even though I know it´s good for me. And I guess I am not alone?

Nevertheless, it´s time to get back to it.

Why? Because your sleep will improve, your body will get stronger and your energy level will get higher. So, switch out them margaritas with weights and heels with NIKE and bust out of your workout rut with these easy steps.

Planning is key when overcoming the dreadful task of getting to the gym. The typical advice is to find a workout buddy, but we might not all have a friend or two available at the times that fit us, so book classes instead. In the beginning it might be easier to stick to it when you have signed up to something, rather than just heading to the gym with any concrete plan or goal. Spend a few minutes of your Sunday to fill the upcoming week, and try to vary your workouts.

Get back to basics
Chances are, having been away for a while, your body needs a little refresher course. Because jumping right back into where you left off often leads to disappointment. Take a step back, acknowledge where your body is at right now and rediscover the joy of building up strength.

Be more time-efficient
You might know the feeling of coming out of the gym after 90 minutes, feeling like king of the world?! But hold up, did you actually train efficient for the whole 90 minutes? Usually not! Put away your phone and other distractions and focus on getitng in at least 30 efficient minutes each time. Makes it easier to commit to in the long run!

Find inspiration
Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers! We live in a world of inspiration around every corner. Social media can be a great sours of inspiration, so take a look and see if you can’t find someone you resonate with. But keep in mind that we all have different starting points and that finding inspiration does not mean copying someone else completely. Keep it at a healthy level people!

Prioritise your sleep 
We can´t point out enough how sleep plays a very important role in your wellbeing. A day or two slouching on the couch isn’t enough. It´s deep sleep that does the difference when it comes to muscle recovery and mental acuity. Because when we sleep, the body has time to fully recover and rebuild.

Best of luck! And remember; do it for your overall health and wellbeing, not to fit into a pair of jeans. Befriend your body and have fun!

By: Henriette Danielsen