Mindful breathing


When trying to calm ourselves in a stressful moment we often take a deep, exaggerated breath. Even the advice to “just breathe” is the most used when meeting a stressed person. And even if it might be a cliché of Godzilla-sized proportions, doesn’t make it untrue.

Because your breath reflects how you think and feel.

When the buzz of everyday life takes over, mindful breathing can be a good way to regain focus. Because the easiest way to block out the noise and dull the chatter of your mind is to focus within. But how do you do that?

You don’t need any meditation app to learn how to breathe mindfully. Simply a few minutes of your time and a quiet space. Because when focusing your attention on your breath, the inhale and exhale, you cultivate self-awareness, leaving you calm and relaxed.

  • Start by finding a space for yourself, possibly in a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and relax any areas of tightness or tension.

  • Start tuning in on your breath. Your mind will probably start to wonder and thats ok, let it. After a while, return to your breath.

  • Start inhaling deeply through your nostrils (three seconds), hold your breath (two seconds) and release through a long exhale (four seconds).

  • Rinse and repeat my friends, for as long as you feel necessary. When done, slowly open your eyes and get back into the world.

This might seem like the last thing you have time for if you already find yourself in a stressful situation, but believe me, nothing feels better than taking the time to ground yourself and find energy from within.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Unsplash