Keeping the stink out


When hitting the gym, we naturally sweat! And sweat is good! Except for when the odor gets stuck in your clothes. Like really stuck. 

We all sweat! It´s a natural part of working out and nobody frowns upon that (if they do give them a little kick in the butt). However, it can be very frustrating when freshly laundered athletic gear retains the smell of your sweatiest gym sessions. But worry not,  it’s totally common and very treatable.

The best thing to do is preventing the stink from developing in the first place. But how can we do that? Let’s take a look:

  1. Let the clothes air dry before putting them back into your closet or in the laundry bag. Why? Because when sweat-soaked clothes are stuffed into a humid and cramped little space you create the perfect environment for bacteria to throw a big party, which will smell!

  2. Turn your gym clothes inside out before washing. A little party trick to get rid of all the bacteria and sweat from your body, which is naturally on the inside of the clothes.

  3. With detergent, less is more. Using to much detergent will leave soap residue on your clothes, which will contribute to the development of odor-causing bacteria. Kinda weird, since it is quite the opposite of what you think adding extra detergent will do.

If non of the above work and the smell is already there, and it is there to stay, well then; time for step two! How to defunk your smelly gym clothes:

  1. Power wash your clothes with one cup white vinegar and one tablespoon baking soda. It will help separate the bacteria from the fabric.

  2. Don´t forget that the stink, odor, nasty smell (whatever you like to call it) can be stuck in your gym bag. So giving that a wash every once in a while might help!

  3. If nothing else works then turn to our last, very magical solution: buy new clothes #sorrynotsorry
    Or ask Doctor Google for some more advice!

Good luck!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Pinterest