Is social media messing with our health?


Daily we mindlessly scroll through our social media feeds, being subconsciously fed with a portrait of the perfect life. We start comparing ours with others, getting caught in the delusion that life is flawless. Which is fair to say is a tad unhealthy.

Sometimes it can be just a little sting of jealousy over someone’s vacation photos. Or from someone’s amazing party, event or girl’s night. Or it can be the beautiful clothes, the perfect boyfriend or the fun job. Other times it can be the pressure to post the right picture in order to get enough likes. Everything must be perfect, because while in reality perfection doesn’t exist, in the virtual world it can be achieved simply with the right filter.

We carefully select and portray pieces of our lives which are simply a fraction of what our days actually look like. We choose the best outfits and the best selfies, rarely tapping into the more common moments like sitting on the sofa in sweatpants. Or burring our face in chocolate, or skipping yet another gym class. And we sit on the other side of those screens, swallowing every image, every word.

All of this is not to say that there are no benefits to social media. On the contrary. It keeps us connected across great distances, helps us stay in touch, inspires us, let’s us unfold our creativity and be part of a community. There are so many reasons to why we love it! We just want to give you a friendly reminder that in those moments when you find yourself envying someone, or feel like a failure due to a status or image update, keep in mind that those moments show only a fraction of reality and are usually staged, photoshoped, filtered and styled.

So, consume with caution, and when an account or person makes you feel low, it´s time to defriend or unfollow. Life is too short to be comparing yourself to others and social media should bring you joy and inspiration, not anxiety and depression. Remember; you being you is your superpower!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: