Flowers for happiness


Flowers create a positive presence no matter the setting. From offices, to homes, to restaurants, medical facilities and gardens alike, flowers can bring good energy and make people feel better in an instant. Research even supports that flowers can significantly improve your mood and health in a number of areas.

Here are some of the top ways in which the power of flowers can contribute to your total well-being.

Flowers & improved air quality
One of the greatest ways that flowers can improve your health is through improved indoor air quality. Indoor air can quickly become contaminated with toxins like mold, dust, and even lingering chemicals from household products. However, flowers can make an impact by cleansing the air and removing these harmful elements so that you do not breathe them in. One such flower is the gerbera daisy which is known to remove trichlorethylene which is sometimes used in dry cleaning. Gerbera daisies also remove benzene which is used in ink, glue, and paint.

Chrysanthemums are another great flower that improves indoor air quality. These brightly colored flowers also help to filter out harmful benzene from the air, keeping you safe and contributing to your health. Just be sure to give your chrysanthemums plenty of direct sunlight to encourage them to bloom. Similarly, azaleas help to fight formaldehyde which is sometimes present in plywood and insulation.

Flowers for happiness & positive energy
Research also connects flowers with improved mood and psychological benefits. First, flowers are pleasant to look at. With all of their colorful petals and visual variety, flowers help to stimulate the senses, energizing those who witness their natural beauty. Flowers also have sweet aromas which can promote a sense of calm and tranquility. For instance, the mild scent of the geranium plant promotes peace of mind. The same is true for the aroma of lavender which has been proven to promote a sense of relaxation and happiness. The lovely fragrance of peace lilies is also associated with improved well-being as they can also encourage deep sleep.

Gifted flowers are representative of so many positive feelings to include love, joy, gratitude, kindness, appreciation and well wishes.

Furthermore, flowers are symbolic. Presenting someone with fresh flowers is a kind gesture that has meaning behind it. Gifted flowers are representative of so many positive feelings to include love, joy, gratitude, kindness, appreciation and well wishes. For instance, think of the practice of sending notes with flowers—this sentimental act helps to create a total experience for the receiver, often stimulating an emotional reaction as they become overjoyed by your thoughtful gift.

Gardening for physical health
Having flowers is not just about having a pretty bouquet in a vase to admire, there are also physical health benefits to planting beautiful flower gardens. Gardening is an excellent way to improve your physical health. The act of gardening is often considered low impact exercise but it can certainly help you stay in shape. From bending down often, to using your arms to dig and rake, to stretching your legs so that you do not step on delicate plants, you can improve your body in a very practical way. What’s more is that gardening can help to lower stress. It can reduce feelings of anxiety and can help you clear your thoughts for improved mental health. Plus, getting regular doses of fresh air is always a good idea for your improved lung, heart and circulatory health.

Having flesh flowers around the home is more than just a symbol of beauty.

Flowers can have a positive impact on your mood, health and overall well-being. In other words, flowers are a proactive step towards improving your health and happiness. Delicate flowers are some of nature’s best kept secrets when it comes to feeling better. They can improve your mood, give you renewed energy and instantly put a smile on your face. This is the true power of flowers.

By: Freelance writer Ashley Smith / Photo cred: