Easing back into business


The day you turned on your autoreply, turned off your phone notifications and popped open a bottle of wine, seems like a distant memory. Vacation has come and gone, and with tons of new memories we are ready to embrace work again.

But the leap from lazy days in the sun to busy work schedules can sometimes be a challenge. We therefore share a few simple tips on how to make the transition back to business – and reality – a little easier.

Get up early
Slow mornings are the best part of vacation, and having to jump out of bed and run off to the office can feel brutal. Therefore, set your alarm early and enjoy a big cup of coffee and your breakfast in peace and quiet. Allow body and mind to wake up and get ready for the first day back.

Don’t overschedule
Try to avoid scheduling tons of meetings and setting deadlines the first day back. It will probably leave you feeling overwhelmed and behind schedule. Keep your first day as open as possible, giving you the chance to ease into it.

Clean your desk
Clean desk equals a clean mind. Take some time when you get in to get organized and make your desk a cozy corner for creativity to spark. A tip is also to get important documents labeled for follow-up and action, and toss out reports that are no longer relevant.

Take breaks during the day
Even though your email might be on the verge of explosion, your to-do list might be miles long, take the time to move your body every now and then, talk to colleagues and get some fresh air. Key to an efficient workday.

Instead of feeling blue about being back to work, try to focus on what you like about your work. And think of the vacation you had as an energy-charger, fueling you with creativity and gratitude.

Happy Monday and welcome back!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Eirin Kristiansen