With a passion for happiness and health

When I stumbled upon the blog “Happy Health” it literarily took my breath away. Not just with the amazing photos and delicious recipes, but the whole blog just filled me with so much inspiration. And right then and there I knew I just had to meet the girl behind it.

When we meet Natalie Yonan over a lunch in Stockholm, you could right away sense she was a creative person. And turns out we were right: Not only is she an amazing cook and recipe developer (vegan I might add), she is also a super talented photographer and food blogger. A warm and kind person with a huge passion for happiness and health. Just what we love.

We got to do a little Q&A with her about food, health and inspiration. Take a look:

What is health to you?
For me, health is synonymous with three things:
1. To be strong, healthy and sound both physically and mentally.
2. To feel happy in your everyday life.
3. To live a long life.

These three things are what keeps me motivated to strive towards a good health. When I was choosing a name for my blog, the name “Happy Health” came to me pretty quickly, since I have always felt that joy and happiness is strongly connected to a good health.

Happiness and joy are what keeps me motivated to live a healthy and long life.

The last 10 years I have spent a lot of time on self-development. I have invested a lot of time and work in my mental health and it would all seem like a waste of time if I wouldn’t take care of my body at the same time. I believe those two are very connected.

What inspires you?
I’m very inspired by people who are old, but still have the spark for life. So many people go through life without really appreciating the gift of just being alive. My grandmother is a huge inspiration for me, she is soon 90 years old and she loves to go out and dance in the little village she lives in, in Portugal. She has started to study history and literature, loves to watch the roses grow in her garden and flirts with the old men she meets in the streets. She is still a young woman in spirit and still has a joy for life, that truly inspires me.

What is your favorite breakfast recipe?
I am not huge on breakfast at the moment since I’m doing intermittent fasting, but at heart I am a true breakfast lover, so here’s a really yummy breakfast recipe I created not too long ago: banana split oatmeal with roasted almonds.

What kind of impact do you want to have on your followers?
I want my followers to feel empowered after having read my blog or looking through my Instagram. I hope they will feel inspired to find what feels good for them. I also want to help people understand that a healthy lifestyle is both fun and simple, as long as you find what works for you.

When I started my blog, I posted more advanced recipes, raw food cakes and stuff like that, because that was what inspired me at the time. Today, I invite my readers to explore health on a broader level. Everything from how you, as a woman, can work with the four phases of your menstrual cycle to optimize your health, to experiment with what times it is best to eat.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, working with food and health, it is that there is no formula that works for everyone. And when people ask me for general health advice I always answer: “Drink more water”. That is the only thing I know for sure works for everyone.

 Natalie Yonan
Age: 27
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Works: as a writer and photographer behind the blog “Happy Health”

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Natalie Yonan