Sprinkle the love


Having a bad day? What better way to brighten it than receiving some good vibes from the people around you? Or even better; spread some positive vibes yourself.

There is little out there making me happier than seeing people sprinkling some love. Except dogs, dogs make me all mushy and in love. Nevertheless, my point is; simple acts of kindness, like smiling at others, helping a stranger or hold the door for someone, are small actions that do not require great power, but that can give so much to those who receive.  And being compassionate does not only benefit others, it is also good for your own health. It actually improves your mood too.

So here are five simple, yet impactful ideas how you can sprinkle some love and emit good vibrations:

Greet people
“Hey, I already do that”, you might think! A basic rule of courtesy, right? I am not only talking about greeting your partner, colleague or friend. I am talking about your neighbour, the busman, the old lady in the line at the bakery. Most of us are so stressed or so lost in our phones, we often don’t even notice the people around us. So, lift your head and greet people with either a warm look, a soft smile or a loud “good morning”.

Always smile to the people you meet. Whether it is a stranger walking by you in the street or the stressed man at the post office. A smile always creates positive feelings and is very contagious! And we´re not talking a polite, half ass smile, I am talking about the kind of smile that makes the corner of your eyes crinkle slightly and your lips curl upwards. What the heck, why not go crazy and even laugh a little.

Applaud others
Applaud the achievements of others! Impressed by your colleagues Power Point presentation? Tell him/her. Did your friend get an A on his/her assignment, take a round of applause. By applauding the achievements of others, you make others feel appreciated and seen, which in return generates a positive feeling.

Listen without interrupting
Ever been to a meeting and a colleague or your boss interrupts you, mid-sentence? Or been at a social gathering, eagerly sharing a story, when suddenly somebody interrupts you?  I think if we are honest with ourselves, we can find times we even did that to others too. Learn to listen without interrupting. It makes a person feel good and important, which again creates a positive vibe.

Share genuine compliments 
See a lady at the store in a nice dress, tell her! Envy someone’s beautiful hair, tell them. Meet someone who has a cute dog (yep, sorry can’t seem to let the dog go), compliment them on their cutie pie. Buy a coffee at the coffee shop and think it tastes good, tell the barista. Complimenting someone is so simple, yet we do it so little. At least to strangers.

So, greet the day and sprinkle some love! The world definitely needs more of it <3

PS; You rock!

By: Henriette Danielsen