Bored? Time for a new perspective


“I am so bored”. Do you sometimes utter those words? To others or yourself? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Like everything else in life, it depends on how you look at it. What is your angle. 

Consider this: we are living quite hectic lives nowadays, working a lot, commuting a lot, planning, meeting, deadlines, friends, family and pets…Every single minute of our life is planned out.
When suddenly we get a moment of calm and quiet, a whole afternoon with no plans, no outside stimulation or entertainment, just us and our thoughts. One might “panic” and label it: boredom. Someone else might see these moments as true ways to reboot.

I am never bored, I always find a way to entertain myself. Whether through my thoughts or my never ending to do lists. I do have those moments where I feel more apathetic than others but even then, I see those moments more as little resting breaks in between periods of productivity.

Easy things to do when you start feeling bored and get out of it:

  • Create a playlist, looking for good songs will cheer you up and inspire you.

  • Write. Put your feelings in writing instead of letting them overthrow you. Write to yourself or to others.

  • Go for a walk. Look up at the sky, breath the fresh air.

  • Take a nap.

  • Call a friend or a family member. Don’t text, actually call.

  • Dig out that to do list and tackle the easy stuff first.

Usually one activity will trigger another and get you out of “boredom land”.

Bottom line is; change your approach to “boredom”. Don’t resent it. It showed up for a reason. Try and understand it, and then work around it.

By: Mo Oléron