Are you overthinking it?


You’re lying in your bed and can’t fall asleep. You’re might thinking of an irrelevant conversation that you had during the day, about all the unhealthy food you ate or just about the meaning of life. Does this sound familiar?

We can all fall into the trap of our own thoughts, but if we can’t seem to get out of it we are talking about a phenomenon called ’overthinking’.

If we spend time analyzing everything – how we look, our relations with other people, what somebody told us, what we have told somebody and so on, we must become aware that we might be a bit off track.

You may wonder why overthinking is so negative? Here is why: when constantly questioning ourself, we eventually end up focusing on the negative aspects of our self image. Through such thinking we distance ourselves from our true feelings. Because of the excessive analytics we can easily forget about our authentic feelings and desires, which can lead to conflicts and anxiety.

Although overthinking can be seen as perfectionism, or just a harmless habit, it is not. When overthought, our life seems harder than it is, stressful situations become unbearable and we start to be unable to face new challenges.

To overcome this habit, we need time and patience. Whenever we notice that we are overthinking it is necessary to return to the present moment and focus on what we feel right then and there. This way we are able to come in contact with who we really are, not who we think we are. It is the contact with our true self, the part of us that feels and lives in the present, that brings us the feeling of peace and happiness.

Don’t forget, we will not be able to appreciate the magic of life as long as we are slaves of our own thoughts.

 By: Sonja Josipovic